DVA Gala & Family Weekend!

Hello and welcome back!! We hope everyone is having a great week so far, and are so excited to share some of our experiences over the past one with you all. Just last weekend, Florida State celebrated its annual Family Weekend. Here at the 518 we joined in on the events of the weekend, along with throwing some of our own for our sisters and their families!
To kick off Family Weekend, we held our annual Domestic Violence Awareness Gala, benefiting Beta Eta’s philanthropy, with funds going to the Tallahassee Refuge House and the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation. Alpha Chi Omega’s and their families look forward to this event every year, taking part in fundraising leading up to the gala, sisters making themed gift baskets to have bids placed on them at the event, a cocktail hour with live music, a three course dinner, and speakers from the Refuge House. Beta Eta’s Refuge House Liaison, Sara Dramis, spoke at the event, getting to personally meet speakers and hand deliver them the donation raised by our sisters. Being devoted to philanthropy throughout her whole life, Sara was honored to have such a big part in this event, stating “Stories like those we hear at the DVA Gala are what make being apart of Alpha Chi so special. It touches my heart to be involved in our philanthropy and have this position.”
Following the Gala on Friday, a barbecue was held at the 518 for Alpha Chi’s and their families. After enjoying lunch at the house, sisters took their families to tailgate, watch the football game, and adventure around Tallahassee. Game days are always a great time here at Florida State, but are even more special when spent with our loved ones! To conclude the weekend, a brunch was held at Alpha Chi before our families headed out of Tallahassee. Us Alpha Chi’s were so grateful to not only engage in service during this weekend, but to have a great time with our families!

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