Bid Day 2019!!

     It’s a party here at the 518 because the blog is BACK!!! Long time no see! Here at Alpha Chi Omega, it’s been a hectic few weeks. Following summer, our sisters came back to Tallahassee to join in on all the craziness of Polish week, Recruitment week, and of course, back to school. After a long, yet fulfilling two weeks of our sisters’ lives revolving around recruitment, we got to celebrate our amazing new member class with everyone’s favorite event, BID DAY!! Here comes our 2019 Bid Day recap:

     This year, our Bid Day theme was ‘Alpha Chi State of Mind’, with the whole day consisting of fun, New York City themed activities. With the 518 decorated to the nines in city decor and the dining room full of city street food, including soft pretzels with beer cheese, apples dipped in caramel, and classic NYC thin-crust pizza, it really created an Alpha Chi state of mind. Not only did the trendy theme make bid day fun to participate in, but the main event, member class 19 running home, was so special and worth the wait. After asking some sisters about their experience with recruitment and bid day, here’s what they had to say:

Natalie Alexander & Ally Columbus

     Natalie Alexander (MC ’17) served as a Rho Gamma this year, helping lead a group of potential new members throughout all of recruitment week to help them in their search of finding their home here at FSU. After asking Natalie about ending one of the most rewarding weeks with bid day here at Alpha Chi, she said “I loved the opportunity to serve Panhellenic as a Rho Gamma this past year! It made my week even more special to come back to Alpha Chi with one of my amazing potential new members, Ally Columbus.”

     When it comes to the planning that went into bid day and preparing to welcome home our new members, we turned to New Member Educator, Mallory Hartline, and her assistant, Jenna Cutrone. After asking Mallory about bid day, she exclaimed “It was such an honor getting to plan such a special event for all my sisters, and new sisters. It was nothing short of a day to remember!”, with Jenna stating “It was such an awesome day getting to welcome our new member class, especially as new member educator assistant. This day got me even more excited for the time I’ll be spending with our new members this semester to help integrate them into our chapter!”

     Every year bid day is the perfect end to recruitment week, and a way for our chapter to show the new members how excited we are to become their sisters. This year, all our sisters here at the 518 were in an Alpha Chi state of mind, and can’t wait for all the memories to come with member class ’19!!!

VP NME Mallory Hartline & VP Ritual Paris Thie

Audrey Contis & NME Assistant Jenna Cutrone

One thought on “Bid Day 2019!!

  1. So much happy! Great blogging Sarah! Such hard work all spring and summer Mallory and committee and BOH committee!!! The Recruitment team SLAYED – big ups!. LITB


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