Supporting Sisters via Social Distancing

It’s safe to say everyone in the world has been experiencing their own version of craziness during these unsettling and nerve-racking times. College students from all over had their Spring semester cut short, with many anticipated events cancelled as universities, including Florida State University, decided to move all classes online in response to COVID-19. As upsetting as this has been, the sisters of Beta Eta have made an initiative to make the most of this unfortunate situation and uphold a strong (virtual) presence of sisterhood.

Our devoted advisors and executive board members have been working hard to find ways to make up for the time lost that otherwise, would’ve been spent together at the 518. From movie nights via the Netflix Party feature to Zoom cooking lessons with our talented chefs, Duski and Owen, the Alpha Chi bond has shone through it all! Our thoughtful Chapter President, Paris Thie, even organized a pen pal exchange for active members to connect with alumni based on their shared career field interests!

And for our beloved seniors who have had to say an early goodbye to their final year as FSU undergraduates, the entire chapter has made extra efforts to shower them with love and appreciation. Senior spotlights were featured on our Instagram account last week, as well as story templates for other members to tag seniors in who are more than deserving of a shoutout!
Senior Caitlyn Daley spoke about how appreciative she is for everything AXO has done for her, not just this past week, but for the past four years. She said, “While I’m thankful for the date functions, formals, and other big events that we’ve shared together, what I’m most thankful is for all of the little things that have made the past four years so special. Seeing sisters in between classes, sitting with different sisters at meals than at chapter, and feeling the overall support from my sisters throughout my college experience has made my time here at FSU all the more memorable.” 
So, even with all the sudden changes and unfortunate turn of events, our sisters have decided to keep a positive outlook and continue to support one another in any way that we can can! The truth of the matter is, regardless the amount of social distancing keeping us apart, the sisterhood we share will always keep us bonded together, at heart. 

One thought on “Supporting Sisters via Social Distancing

  1. Love this Ellie Sachs! Great work helping us see how sisters really care and are living their bond to \”reach the heights\” together! ❤ LITB


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