Sporty Sisters

Number 6, Jenna showing her skills!

Jenna Cutrone, Senior, NJ, FSU Women’s Field Hockey

Get that hat trick Chloe!

Chloe Depenbrock, SO, Ft. Lauderdale, FSU Club Soccer

Also a star volleyball player (and her dad is the FSU Tennis Coach!)

Avery Hultquist, SO, Tallahassee, FSU Cross Country

her shoulder injury sidelined her, but she remains engaged with her athlethic training of FSU Teams

Brittany Palladino, SR, Orlando, FSU Water Polo

Bree (with blanket) was supposed to start Spring 2020 (but…COVID), so she’s looking forward to 2021! (Bonus shot of Jenna on the left)

Bree Sutherland, SO, Mass., FSU Women’s Field Hockey

Bailey on the left – blessed with talent and a sweet spirit

Bailey Wagoner, SO, Pont Vedra Beach, FSU Softball Manager

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