Senior Love in ‘Rona times

Our local alumnae chapter Epsilon Tau Epsilon didn’t let a pandemic stop them from sharing Hall of Commitment with us. In the Spring they hosted it via Zoom and in the Fall they hosted at the house. December graduation is usually smaller, so we were able to gather safely, six feet apart, with masks in the Formal Living Room and share our ritual. Thanks so much for all our seniors contributed to the chapter during their time at FSU and sending appreciation to our dedicated alumnae (now we can add to the alumnae ranks!)

Paris T (President 2020), Sam K (DVA Liaison 2020), Jessi B (Mock Trial Queen), Elise A (Warden 2020), Kendall W (Sporty Spice!), Kala S (she’s spotlighted!)
Morgan D (headed to DPT school), JSBH (advisor), Tiffany F (landed a J-O-B!), Allie (headed to grad school and engaged), Britain (advisor), Jordan (headed to grad school!), Kellee (headed to grad school!), Emily M (living large in NYC)

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