The person next to you..

A great poem as posted on the Fraternal Thoughts blog.. The poem was written by Prissy Galagarian, In regards to fraternity, this poem speaks to about relationships, brotherhood/sisterhood, and the ability that fraternity gives us to truly know each other. The Person Next To You The person next to you is the greatest miracle andContinue reading “The person next to you..”

Accepting Pathways in the Grass

I LOVE LOVE this article, it was originally posted on the Fraternal Thoughts blog, but reminds me of all of the random pathways across Landis Green at FSU…. The campus groundskeeper stood at the top floor of the administration building and looked out the window. The building sat in the middle of the college, whichContinue reading “Accepting Pathways in the Grass”

Poll: Is a Fraternity/Sorority Super Bowl Ad a Good Idea?

This was origionally posted on Fraternal Thoughts blog.. We would love to hear your thoughts.. Occasionally, entities like the NIC, NPC, NPHC, or NALFO get asked to consider purchasing a Super Bowl ad in order to change public perception of Greek-letter organizations. This has become symbolic for the attitude that many carry that we needContinue reading “Poll: Is a Fraternity/Sorority Super Bowl Ad a Good Idea?”

Mental Health Needs Seen Growing at Colleges

As you know the “Fratty Friday” posts discuss greek life both on the campus of Florida State and trends across the nation. As this article, from NY Times illustrates, the number of students attending college with Mental Health issues is growing. If you identify with this article or you have a friend or sister whoContinue reading “Mental Health Needs Seen Growing at Colleges”

Top Fraternities

Last Friday we blogged, about top sororities websites. Edu in review’s blog  also posted an article on their site ranking fraternities based on website traffic. Check out the article below  The fraternity culture in a year end review has been the source of numerous news stories. From the TBS premiering of the new fraternity inspiredContinue reading “Top Fraternities”

Top Sororities Websites 2010

Edu in review’s blog  had an article recently ranking the top sororities based on their website traffic. I am proud to say that Alpha Chi Omega was high ranking.. If you haven’t been lately be sure to check it out, and use your bond number to log in, update your mailing information, etc. The sororityContinue reading “Top Sororities Websites 2010”

Ten sororities stand out as some of the oldest, largest and most popular Greek organizations for women

The article below is from Edu in review’s blog. It gives a good deal of info about some of the “biggest” and more prominent sororities in the nation.  There’s obviously been a lot of passionate commentary posted here. We won’t disagree that the sororal community is one that is strong. When this article was first createdContinue reading “Ten sororities stand out as some of the oldest, largest and most popular Greek organizations for women”

Fraternity Hazing  is a great website, that works to educate readers to stop hazing, not just in fraternities, but in all realms of life. Below is a blurb from their landing page. We encourage all collegians and alumnae to check out the website, and sign the petition to stop hazing!!! When most people hear the termContinue reading “Fraternity Hazing”

The Positive Side of Joining a Sorority or Fraternity

article from by: Amanda Sposato, Jan 24, 2007  Based on the portrayal of sororities and fraternities in movies such as “Animal House” and television shows such as MTV’s “Sorority Life”, it wouldn’t be a surprise that a parent sending their child off to college for the first time may send them with a big anti-GreekContinue reading “The Positive Side of Joining a Sorority or Fraternity”