Sports Communications, Marketing & Management

Our sisters work so hard, and they get rewarded! The best combination in life is qork with a side of fun! This is Sammi (freshman, also Alpha Chi legacy from UMD), Alexis (senior, writer for Osceola News-Gazette), Meredith (sophomore, VP FO), and also attending Kennedy (senior, president of Sport Management Student Association). They are workingContinue reading “Sports Communications, Marketing & Management”

Brittany Casciano- Intern at Team Player Productions

Brittany Casciano is currently interning at Team Player Production’s located in Downtown Denver, an event planning company that plans beer wine and music festivals throughout Colorado and in Park City Utah as well. “This year, their launching the Divide Music Festival located in Winter Park, Colorado, which is a three day music festival with day orContinue reading “Brittany Casciano- Intern at Team Player Productions”